BODY HARMONICS Pilates Teacher Training

Pony Locale, with Sarah joy Stoker as instructor, is the first and only Body Harmonics Affiliated Teacher Training Centre east of Quebec!

With an emphasis on neuromuscular science, established movement protocols, and advanced teaching methodologies, BODY HARMONICS’ internationally acclaimed certification programs, specialist certificate programs, and continuing education workshops are designed to make you the best teacher you can be. When you teach well, you transform lives!

Pilates Level 1: Mat (120 hours)

St. John's dates, April 14 - 16, April 21 - 23, May 13, 14 and May 27, 28, 2017

Taught by Sarah Joy Stoker, Pilates Level 1 is a four-module program that focuses on Pilates Mat Work. It lays the ground work for the entire Pilates Comprehensive Track. You learn the historical roots of Pilates, key movement principles, 75 exercises that build from the Body Harmonics Foundations to advanced Pilates Classical Repertoire. The program also covers step-by-step cueing and a foolproof approach to building exercise sequences that make Pilates accessible and challenging at the same time. You leave with a solid theoretical framework and the tools to begin teaching healthy populations in a variety of settings.

Learning Objectives:

  • Study the complete Pilates Mat repertoire
  • Learn the entire Body Harmonics Foundations repertoire
  • Practice our unique progressive sequencing™ and cueing formula™
  • Utilize versatile class design practices to develop mat classes for all ages and abilities
  • Understand how core stabilization systems work
  • Grasp primary movement mechanics of the spine, hip and shoulder complex

Program requirements include:

• Pre-requisite: Anatomy in Motion™ (6 classroom hours)

• Module 1: Pilates Mat Foundations

• Module 2: Pilates Mat Classics and Innovations

• Module 3: Core Integrity

• Module 4: Pilates Mat Practical Application

• 35 hours of practice teaching are highly recommended

• Home study/review (approx. 20 hours)

• Written exam

• Practical exam

Additional Information

The program content progresses from one module to the next. As a result, modules must be completed in sequential order to make your learning experience complete and meaningful. To fully benefit from the program, it is in your best interest to commit to the entire time frame. If you happen to miss an hour or more, our Teacher Training Coordinator will assist you with scheduling a private tutorial to make up the missed hours. This private tutorial is an extra cost, and should be completed prior to re-joining the program.

Course Fees

Tuition: $2340
Materials: $220
Shipping (affiliate locations): current Canada Post rates
Tax: 13% HST

St. John's, Pony Locale dates!     Register here!

Friday, April 14 (Good Friday) 10 - 4pm
Saturday April 15, 10 - 4pm
Sunday (Easter) April 16, 12 - 6pm

Friday April 28, 8:30am - 2:30pm
Saturday April 29, 10 - 4pm
Sunday April 30, 10 - 4pm

Saturday May 13, 10 - 4pm
Sunday May 14, 10 - 4pm

Saturday May 27, 10 - 4pm
Sunday May 28, 10 - 4pm

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or call: 416.482.4884 x 206

Space is limited to 14 people per course and these are advertised all throughout the Atlantic region and country so secure your spot!

The program tuition and material fees are tax deductible.

Anatomy in Motion

Sunday, January 29, 2017 12:30 - 6:30

The pre-requisite for Pilates Mat work teacher training.  CECs6 |   LevelBeginner

This workshop literally changes the way you think about, observe, and feel human movement. Fun and interactive, the human structure comes alive. You gain new insights into how the body moves from different perspectives. The ultimate goal of this workshop is to help you understand how movement is produced at all major joints. This understanding lays the groundwork for accurate neuromuscular recruitment, joint mobility and core control.

Recommended additional resources: Trail Guide to the Body (5th Edition) by Andrew Biel, anatomy apps

Learning Objectives:

• Explore human anatomy in 3-D

• Sense and feel parts of the body as structural anatomy comes to life and takes on personal meaning

• Learn the main movement mechanics of the spine and major joints of the body

• Learn foundational exercises to facilitate and optimize the functional movement of the spine and major joints of the body

Tuition: $240
Tax: 13% HST

Email for details.

REGISTER TODAY!       Online       Email      Call: 416.482.4884 x 206

Space is limited to 14 people per course and these are advertised all throughout the Atlantic region and country so secure your spot asap!

The program tuition and material fees are tax deductible.

Margot McKinnon, M.Ed. , founder of BODY HARMONICS, above left and Sarah Joy Stoker, co-founder of Pony Locale.

November 6 - 15, 2015 we had the fortune of having Margot McKinnon, founder and owner of Body Harmonics (Toronto) one of the leading Pilates Teacher Training facilities internationally here at Pony Locale launching our new satellite partnership and teaching while she was here!

We had such an incredible ten days with her. Congrats to those who completed the BODY HARMONICS® Pilates Mat Work Express™ - an 8 day intensive certification program, and to everyone that took advantage of Margot and the incredible Continuing Education workshops she offered all throughout her stay.

Go to to learn more about their programs, teaching and certifications and for a list of all their Continuing Education workshops. These offer dynamic tools to enhance your professional knowledge and skills! Perfect for all movement and manual therapy and training professionals, including Pilates and yoga instructors, massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, kinesiologists etc.

"BODY HARMONICS has been helping people move well, teach well and be well since 1998. Through our Pilates & Movement Studios, integrated Health Clinics and internationally recognized Education Programs, we have inspired thousands of people to transform their lives and careers with our unique whole-person approach to optimal movement, health and wellbeing. Visit to learn more."

Margot McKinnon, M.Ed., founded BODY HARMONICS in 1998. She and her faculty have trained over 2500 Pilates teachers worldwide and find they cannot keep up with the demand for their approach to Pilates and movement education. "What we do best is take complex concepts, make them simple, and then provide concrete "how to's" to professionals so they can help their clients in an immediate way", says McKinnon. Margot presents at conferences and trainings throughout the year and is affectionately referred to as "the teachers' teacher".