MIndful Strength Workshops with Kathyrn Bruni-Young!

A Weekend of Mindful Strength

We are so excited to collaborate with Moksha Yoga to welcome back Kathryn Bruni-Young to St. John’s. This is Kathryn’s 4th return visit to this community over the last six years. This is a special Full Weekend offering plus a Teacher’s Only Workshop – limited spaces available!

Full Weekend Workshop June 16 + 17

Only 20 spaces available! 

$125 for both Sat 2:30pm + Sun 2:30pm Workshops

Register here!


Mindful Strength Upper Body and Core Movement

Sat June 16 | 2:30pm – 5:30pm at Moksha Yoga St. John’s

Upper body strength is more challenging than lower body strength because the design of our shoulders is so different from our hips and legs. Upper body movement requires more variety, progressive loading, and dynamic stabilization which are all topics that will be covered during this workshop. Kathryn will break down strategies for upper body work including wrist and shoulder preparation and mobility. This workshop will also address core strength, what that even means, and some common misconceptions we have about our core. This workshop will rekindle your love of upper body strength, and will make movements like push-ups, chatturanga, arm balances and functional movements much more accessible and attainable.

Register ONLY for Saturday workshop here!

***** For Sat Only – Mindful Strength Upper Body and Core Movement Workshop: there’s an additional 15 spaces available for the Sat workshop only at MYSJ. And one day of workshop, either Saturday or Sunday is $75.


Mindful Strength Whole Body Approach

Sun June 17 | 2:30pm – 5:30pm at Pony Locale

Whole body movement is where it’s at when we dive into topics like functional movement and strength because nothing in the body really works in isolation. This workshop will outline a number of whole body movements, locomotive movements that will take you off your mat, and mobility practices that will make you feel supple and dynamic. Mindful movement can be slow and controlled, but it can also be quick and responsive to the world around us. This workshop will inspire you to view yoga and movement in new ways and leave you curious about what is possible.

Register ONLY for Sunday Workshop here!


Mindful Strength Teacher’s Workshop  - SOLD OUT!!

Sun June 17 | 10:00am – 1:00pm at Pony Locale

Only 20 Spaces Available    $75

This workshop is focused for teachers + instructors of any movement based practice (yoga, pilates, personal trainers, etc.)

Register ONLY for Teacher's workshop here!

Kathryn teaches on the faculty of five YTT programs, she runs her own teacher’s intensives and she has a passion for helping teachers develop their skills to meet the ever changing needs of our students. Strength practices not only compliment the yoga practice, but it can elevate yoga, pilates and other forms of body weight movement. This workshop will highlight how the body adapts from day one, and how we can support our tissues through a steady adaptation process to prevent injuries and move better. You will walk away with practical tools that can be implemented right away, and movements that you will want to throw into your classes the following week. This workshop will cover some upper body movement and lower body movement plus questions about combining strength with yoga.

Prices include HST.

For more about Kathryn visit kathrynbruniyoung.com or follow her on social media @kathrynbruniyoung.

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