Important Changes to Group Class - Mat and Group Reformer Reservations and Cancellations

Hi everyone!

Since our move and in this new year numbers have definitely been up in the group classes which is AWESOME!!! WE hope you are  enjoying and getting the most you can out of them!

Due to the increase in volume and listening to your feedback we are making a few changes. Please do not hesitate to keep the feedback coming.
We sooo appreciate it and YOU!

Important Changes to Group Class - Mat and Group Reformer Reservations and Cancellations

- The window to take yourself out of these classes (early cancel yourself without loosing the class) will shift from two hours to four hours before the start of the class. The hope is that this will give more people on the waiting lists time to receive the notification email that they have moved from the wait list into the class and actually manage to get to the class. Please keep a look out for these emails if you are on a wait list so you can either confirm you will be in the class or not, so the next person on the wait list may.

- For anyone owning an unlimited group class pass for either Mat or Group Reformer, or both, if you do not take yourself out of the class (early or late cancel) and no not make it to the class more than three times you will unfortunately loose the ability to book online. We have had the issue whereby if folks with unlimited passes do not take them selves out (with no real penalty because the passes are unlimited so they cannot "loose" a class) others on wait lists cannot get in and so we have classes that could and should be full that end up not.

These changes will come into affect Monday, Feb. 12, 2018.
Thank you!

We encourage you to use the wait lists. We limit the number allowed on the wait lists to just two people. So there is always a good chance you will get into the class from the wait lists. Please do not put yourself on numerous wait lists at the same time, as often what we see happen is the client will get in one and not manage to take themselves off the other. Also, if there is no option to sign up on the website that means that the class is full with a full wait list.  If this is the case and you want to come just give us a call! We are often teaching but will do our best!

ALSO! Please go into your Mindbody account and make sure your phone info (especially cell ohones) and emails are up to date. We have a new feature where MB will send you text and email reminders about booked sessions, waitlist confirmations etc.