Pilates for Runners! Wednesdays 7:30am!

It's back!

Pilates for Runners!
Wednesdays 7:30 - 8:20am with Adrian House

Add a boost to your running program with Pilates! This class will build your core strength, balance, breathing and posture to enhance your running practice and prevent injury. Stretch and strengthen your body in all the right places for smoother, more powerful movement.

These classes, taught by Adrian House, an avid and competitive runner, will address common running complaints and injuries and help teach runners what support systems to strengthen and what to lengthen. Focus will be on core strength, breathing and posture; lengthening anterior and posterior fascial lines of the body (closed chest, forward head and shoulders and hamstrings!), reduction of excessive curvatures of the spine by strengthening deep spine stabilizers as well as invaluable foot and ankle exercises.