New summer group class schedule starts June 1st!

Our new summer group class and group class schedule starts this Monday, June 1st everyone!

Please take a look at the online schedule here to see all of the changes.

Here are some of the highlights!

  • all 5:30 group and group reformer classes will now be at 5pm!
  • Holly's Thursday evening Foundation Pilates class is moved to Wednesdays
  • we have added another Mike Luke Circuit/Tabata class Thursday evenings!
  • Sarah's Monday 12:30 Beg/Intermediate group reformer class is now at 10am
  • Sarah's Thursday 4:15 Restorative/Beg group reformer class is now at 12:30
  • Adrian will be teaching Dynamat on Tuesdays at the 12:30 lunch slot!

Keep your eyes peeled for a Buddy Reformer Day
- bring a buddy to try out the reformers for free!

For any clients that are already registered in classes for next week and beyond please double check the online system to see that you still are. Mindbody should have kept you in the classes while still shifting the times, but do make sure. Also of course if the new times do not work for you will will need to take yourself out of the classes. Most everyone I talked to however was very much in favour of the new times!

Thank you everyone! Spread the word! We'll see you on the mats or machines!!