Pony Locale has made every effort to provide the most environmentally friendly props and equipment available. Most mats, rollers, stability balls and resistance bands are free of latex, PVC, phthalates and chlorides.
Pony Locale is a scent free environment.
We encourage clients to please bring refillable water containers as opposed to single use plastic water bottles.
Only safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning products are used at Pony Locale for the cleaning of floors, surfaces and laundry, as opposed to conventional cleaning products.
This website is hosted by Ethical Hosting, a Canadian company who provide green web hosting services powered completely by renewable energy and carbon offsets. Ethical Hosting donate 10% of their profits to charitable and non profit organizations.
Pony Locale purchases Pilates equipment and props from Balanced Body, a company that works diligently to create and implement green manufacturing practices and alternatives. To read about what they are doing click here.
Construction by, and design collaboration with MarlerWorks Inc. 2011 Southcott Award Winner for Building Restoration and Preservation.
Newly added windows and doors to the Pony Locale space were all salvaged and restored.


Ask the companies you buy products from what they are doing for the environment, and choose products from companies that are environmentally sound.
If we all push the companies we buy from to produce natural products using environmentally safe and responsible business practices, we can actually start to generate change.